The basic ideology, or say the Big Idea behind Anti Drug Rock Fest is to propagate the message to the upcoming, young & Youth Fraternity about harm & Dangerous effects of Drug Abuse. There is a wrong and illogical understanding benchmarked long time before that Rock music and Drugs are used as synonyms for each other. There is a very hazardous thought behind it that a person will not be able to reach the heights of his/her singing/musical ability until and unless he/she will be a drug abuser. And keeping this unethical logic in the mainstream of the Idea, ADRF sends a clear message to the Youth Fraternity; Believe in you, not drugs, human brain does not need any catalyst to perform better. It will be in the best form, shape & perform its best when it is kept unharmed, un-duped or un-drugged. Rising numbers in the form of casualties and fatal injuries due to drug abuse led us to think upon it and we came up with the Idea to spread the word in the same way our younger generation understands.

So, here comes ANTI DRUG ROCK FEST-2016, with an aim and determined message of,
“You Use- You Lose”